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"There is Nothing But God In This World"(Neville)



Let Me Fall (Josh Groban)

If you've waited long enough for this song to load, you are in for a treat. The reason it is on this page is because of its passionate description of the act of falling (crucifixion), and climbing (resurrection). Dying to the old, no matter what the cost, to become something much more... something unknown. And the courage to rise beyond fear and doubt on your own. This song embodies the kind of desire necessary to leave what you know in order to embody that desire. It is what Neville sees and expresses in his teaching. Enjoy!




"Let us assume that this is a dream and everything is perfect. You are happy and content and all is right in your world. Then persuade yourself of the reality of your assumption. Don't do anything to make it so; just trust the dreamer in you to bring it to pass, for the power who assumed your desire is the Lord Jesus Christ (not some guy who lived 2,000 years ago... Human Imagination), and all things are possible to him. Your assumption, though false in the sense that it is denied by your senses and reason, if persisted in will harden into fact in such a normal, natural way that you will think it would have happened anyway. That is the dream."



OK... so you have achieved enlightenment! You are pure consciousness... formless, blissful love. In harmony and unity with all that is. No stories... no measurements... no thoughts. 

Now what? What do you do once you understand the nature of "you" and unconditionally accept it? Once you can "see clearly" without the distortions of the egoic mind's obsessive measurements? Once you are completely present in every situation? 

If you sat in a cave in the mountains in blissful meditation until your body died... would you have learned any more than the relatively unconscious living out their suffering dramas? What if the furnaces of affliction inherent in the human condition existed to to expand us... to teach us how to be God? What would that mean? How would that look? 

What if you were already God... perhaps taking a nap?

To us, Neville's teachings move one into a place of intentional creation and manifestation through Imagination.  Blake describes... "The eternal body of man is The Imagination: that is God himself, The divine body." 

Neville identifies the central figure of the gospels with human imagination. "Christ Consciousness" is Human Imagination. He shows the power of imagination and how to exercise it in love. The conscious use of human imagination is true creation. 


"Through Imagination man escapes from the limitations of the senses and the bondage of reason"

Neville refers to the scriptures often and suggests looking at the bible not as history... but as metaphor or allegory. He see the Bible as contemporary... the stories are unfolding in you, in today's world. Also, it can be very revealing to think of all the characters in the bible as states of consciousness rather than as real people. They can been seen as metaphors referring to all the different states of consciousness that eternally exist for mankind... for the sake of learning how to move from one state of consciousness to another, thus learning the art of exercising your human imagination. Do you find this hard to swallow based on your conditioning? How about considering it as a mere possibility for a moment? What would be gained from such a consideration? It is irrelevant which interpretation is "right". What is critical is knowing what unconscious patterns are driving your creation... or limiting it. Language is the key. How you language your inner speaking projects out into the world reflecting you in your life's experiences... creating your reality. Can you not "see" why things are a certain way and have issues with your eye health? It is interesting to consider language as it relates to health or disease. (More on that to come).

 "Become a drinker and eater of the ideals you wish to realize." (Neville)

"You may feed your hunger by thinking of your desire, or feed its satisfaction by thinking from its fulfillment."

The main focus of this exercise in imagination, is matching one's inner language and mental activity to one's fulfilled desire. Your inner activity and language is already matching your world... your current reality. Take a close look at your mental activity and you will see this to be true. If you say your inner dialog is a result of your circumstances, then you are surely lost. This is the fundamental secret that few understand. Change your inner dialog and see what happens! If you are currently lacking in health or finances, chances are that your inner talking is centered around this lack. Once you notice this, the challenge is creating and using a new language and inner dialog that matches your desire. What would you be saying to yourself if you already were healthy or wealthy? What would people be saying to you? What would you be doing, feeling... what would be your mood?

"Fancy assembles... continuous imagination fuses"

Wishing for something assembles it in the minds eye but places you in the consciousness of not having it.

Knowing that this is true, you can  see that all people are simply objectifying different states of consciousness. Therefore it is important to

"Distinguish states from individuals in those states. States change but Individual Identities never change nor cease... The Imagination is not a state... It is the human existence itself. Affection or Love becomes a state when divided from imagination."

Neville's work encompasses all that is necessary to understand the nature of you as the creator (God) that you are, in terms of loving understanding. We refer to his work in our life and our ministry for the purpose of creating more loving gods and goddesses in the world, with the knowledge that...

"We were subjected to this biological experience because no one can know of imagination who has not been subject to the vanities and limitations of the flesh, who has not taken his share of Sonship and gone prodigal, who has not experimented and tasted this cup of experience; and confusion will continue until man awakes and a fundamentally imaginative view of life has been re-established and acknowledged as basic."


What is Material Substance?

"Material Substance is but the shadow of the Imagination that brought it about."


What is Imagination?

There is nothing that appears in perception which cannot be duplicated in fancy, and what the world perceives is all imaginative in character. Here is a graphic example: I am sure everyone knows what it is to detect the fragrance of a rose. Now smell is a chemical sense and depends upon contact for perception. But does one really need a rose to detect its fragrance? Cannot its fragrance be reproduced imaginatively?

Having smelled an Easter lily, can you not discriminate between the smell of a rose and a lily, imaginatively? Then they do not exist independent of you, but live on some level (or levels) of your imagination! Can you call upon your memory of an experience of long ago, bring it back, and duplicate it in fancy? If so, then this world is no different from your imaginal one!

I urge you to use your own wonderful creative power and deliberately move into the state of your choice. Make it now by occupying the state long enough so that it feels natural. Haven't you had a suit of clothes that felt so new you were conscious of them every moment? I know when I bought my first suit I walked down Fifth Avenue thinking everyone I passed knew my suit was new. People passing paid no attention to me, but I was so aware, so conscious of my new suit. That's exactly that happens when you move into a new state. If the state of affluence is new, you think everyone knows it, but no one knows or cares whether you are rich or poor, so walk in the state until it becomes natural. The moment the feeling is natural, wealth is yours!




"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world."
(Albert Einstein)


If you want to really awaken the God in you, print out a text lecture  from every night and read it before you go to bed. You will begin to re-program your mind and create the beautiful world of your dreams. 

A word of caution: Neville refers to words like Jesus, Christ, Lord, God, Savior, David etc... And I can tell you that it was very challenging to not let my past religious conditioning and definitions of these words get in the way of the message. I found it useful to to remember that these words were referring to aspects of Me. You may ask, "Why does he not just say it plainly?"... To which I can only quote Blake, "That which is made explicit to the idiot is not worth my time". and "Truth revealed through a story enters in at lowly doors". Neville says Scripture is meant to evoke... it cannot be analyzed the way literature and journalism can be.


Neville Books:    Every one is precious!

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Seedtime and Harvest

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Robert Tennyson Stevens has spent 30+ years developing "Mastery Systems" which is largely based on Neville's work and the power of language, especially our inner voice. Check out . You will not be disappointed.

Check out Mellisa Zollow has a great website and training materials for your exploration.


True imagination is not moving the blocks of our reality from one spot to another, rather it is the pouring forth of an entirely new reality according to the wellspring of the dreams within our hearts. (Robert Tennyson Stevens)



to be continued...

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